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Transform your home into the space you’ve always wanted

Creating your sophisticated and authentic dream home is a process I will walk you through step-by-step so that it is an enjoyable and seamless experience with stunning results that will make coming home your favorite part of the day.

Christian DuBarr

  Passionate, innovative, and driven, Christian DuBarr, has been called a visionary in the world of interior design. Dedicated to creating exceptional and memorable settings for his clients, Christian is committed to fulfilling his clients’ expectations and beyond.

The professional interior designer is unique as he began with firsthand experience leading him to grow his career from the ground up. Educated in fine arts, space planning, and designing software only enhances Christian’s attention to detail. Knowledgeable in balancing all elements with the inclusion of functionality, purpose, and beauty, Christian strives to provide luxurious materials to fit harmoniously.

   The aesthetics of Christian’s designs focus on modern and clean spaces without limitations of traditional and contemporary styles in combination with his formal education. His years of design experience, artistic talent, and keen ear for listening ensure his clients’ confidence as he understands each of their needs.

       One thing they all advocate together is the longevity of quality and expertise as he carefully oversees the entire design process from start to finish. Ultimately, Christian DuBarr’s ambitions are to enhance his client’s vision to its fullest potential with the promise of leaving them with the security of their dream home.




Provide a space that is a unique representation of you or your business that instills positive emotions and tranquility.


Become a single professional service for all your needs – from the planning, to overseeing each process carefully, providing a team, to interior design.


Taking the time to focus on each client’s needs as their vision always comes first. The goal is to achieve and finesse their objectives to promote elegance and class for any project.

Christian's Story

          Growing up in a broken home, I didn’t have much. As we all know, children seek love and comfort from their parents. However, in my case, this was merely a dream. My days were dark as I didn’t have the best role models surrounding me. Amongst neglecting my safety, emotional state, and vulnerability amplified, compelling me to doubt my existence. Moving from place to place didn’t provide me with the stability I needed to hold on to ambitions. Consequently, I gravitated towards negative influences that only pushed me deeper into destroying my life.

         Eventually, I found myself in the lowest place without knowing it right away, rock bottom. I lost everything, from friends to family to even my freedom. Sitting alone wondering, “when did it stop being their fault and become mine?”

          It was at that moment when I surrendered and allowed God to work in my life. Since then, I have grown wiser as a man, father, and husband who values his family. Providing for them fuels my fire to thrive in my passion. All that matters now is moving forward.

Create a Space Worth Living In.

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