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Design Process

To design a home that expresses your individuality, according to your budget and needs.

Design Process

Full Interior Design

Providing a one-stop shop for all the client’s design needs! Christian ensures to see through each stages of the project until its completion. With his team of contractors, fabricators, and architects, he will create a tailored design plan that is a reflection of you or your business. Beginning with in-depth research and scouring the globe to find you the perfect pieces, all the while adhering to your budget and your objectives.

Design Process

House Renovation

Specializing in all phases of residential interior designs, the goal is to transform your space into a space you have always dreamed of. Helping you transform your space whether you are looking to remodel or a new build. A full range of services include space planning, furniture selections, kitchen and bath design, an architectural space review and accessorizing.

Conceptual Design Phase I - Finding your style and personality.

The first meeting allows one-to-one communication to understand the details of your current space and the vision you have for it. During this meeting, we will evaluate the space and strategize which methods are best to execute the plan that includes designing, conceptualizing, and materializing the vision into reality. Creating a custom design that reflects each individual’s unique lifestyles and demands.

PresentationPhase II - Saving you time and money.

During the second meeting, a visual layout of either a mood board or sketch will be provided to showcase the details of the interior design. Helping the client feel security that their vision was heard as well as allow time for revisions if the client wants to make changes. The visual phase of the design saves you time and money before making anything permanent.

DevelopmentPhase III - Efficient solutions for construction.

An extensive planning process that determines the correct measurements for space planning. Providing CAD renderings, preliminary floor plans/elevations, and specifications to contractors, architects, and fabricators before construction. This phase takes time to review as it guarantees the safety, longevity, and functionality of all interior designs.
Design Process

Renovation Plan

Embarking into renovations can be daunting and expensive. This is why having a plan is essential for a successful outcome. Making the process as seamless as possible. The renovation plan starts with meeting with his team experts to draw out each stages of the renovation, providing transparency and managing expectations. 

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