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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your rate?

Consultation rate starts at $250/hr as we walk through through your vision of the space in need of remodeling. From there, we can discuss the materials needed to make the changes, in which we will shop together for them. Once the materials are confirmed, client’s can requests a digital mood board that will include those materials for your review. CAD renderings are developed once the first payment is made.

Rates pay for time spent on the project and vary depending on:

  • Consultation
  • Length of project
  • Length of visual developments
  • Travel fee to shops and to client location
  • Final development phase

What is a typical project like and how long does it take?

The nature of interior design can vary as each project is unique. A variety of factors can cause one project to be longer versus another. Regardless, Christian DuBarr is in constant communication with all clients and workers once a project begins through email and phone, or in person (as needed). Virtual meetings may be held to share ideas, mood boards, or virtual tours of the project (if preferred). Conference calls will occur periodically to answer any questions/concerns. Christian will visit the job site about once or twice to oversee all modifications are following the plan development. 

Depending on the size of the project; small projects finish quicker than larger projects.

Things to consider are:

  • Architectural plans
  • Architectural approval by the city
  • Client approval
  • Shipping times for material
  • Material availability
  • Contractor availability
  • Contractor lead time

and more.

Can you help me pick paint colors? Furniture? Kitchen appliances?


The essence of your home begins with wall color and lighting. Searching for the right paint color can be overwhelming and difficult for many clients. Yet, with Christian’s intuitive listening skills, the paint selection process will move a lot quicker. We will gather paint samples to balance the shades with potential surface materials to confirm the elements are a good match for your vision.

Additionally, Christian works closely with all major brands whether that is paint, furniture, fixtures, etc. to create ease of remodeling. Client’s will visit furniture, fixture, and paint stores with Christian (if needed) to collect samples and locate the appropriate appliances for their home.

If client’s do not feel comfortable shopping with Christian, he can refer them to the stores or provide internet links to the shopping catalog. For any appliances that need installations, workers will be provided by the chosen appliance company.

Do I get a cool 3D rendering like I see on HGTV?

Yes! Once the retainer is paid, Christian will work on developing renderings for your project. Depending on the amount of the project, renderings can take up to 2 weeks to prepare.

Digital mood boards are provided upon client’s request. A visual layout is a great way to exchange ideas and understand needs of the client. Mood boards can take up to 3-5 days to produce. Another method is sketching a layout to relay the design quickly.

Whichever method the client prefers, Christian will walk them through each version to reassure the client’s vision was heard. Visuals are a critical step for the design process as it alleviates any concerns the client may have, as well as provide a guide for the final development phase. 

Other firms mark up merchandise, do you?

Christian DuBarr is an in-house designer for Sessemo, who has exclusive relationships with tile vendors that grants them access to pieces that you could not get on your own. Due to this exclusive access, the material imported from these vendors are discounted for the company, allowing them the ability to price the material. Markups depend on the product and its exclusivity. However, Christian will always fight for the best price for his clients, including importing any material that is not on the floor.

Also, Christian has the flexibility to connect his clients to any designer discounts he can acquire.

What if I don’t like a piece of tile I bought through you, can I return it?

Unlikely. Christian is careful with selecting the correct materials needed to fit the client’s vision and works closely with the warehouse workers to avoid mistakes. The design process is necessary in order to find the appropriate materials for each client. There can be a situation when material is out of stock or discontinued. When this happens, Christian works heavily to source the material from a different supplier or find a better quality replacement. Yet, this is also unlikely to happen as he will know ahead of time before any construction starts.

Throughout all of the years Christian has worked, there has only been a few situations where a client was unhappy with a purchase. Understandably, this can be a frustrating, and he will work with you to find a reasonable solution such as find another client who is willing to buy the material from you, or take it back for a restocking fee.

Final sale items are disqualified for returns.

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